Friday, June 1, 2012

learning to find and love clams

I had an adventure on Cape Cod. Two overly generous friends offered to take me out clamming. Ok, first off, you should know that I cannot swim and getting me into water is sort of a feat in and of itself. I don't hate water, I just hate being in it above my knees and at the mercy of waves. Luckily it was low tide and the adventure of digging up dinner made me more confident. (The fact that both were lifeguards... well that didn't hurt.)

This is when I raked up 4 keepers in one pass!

Perhaps the very best part of this was that I learned that I do not dislike clams!! I always thought they were rubbery and weird tasting. We grilled up half of these guys and they were AWESOME. Cleaning them is easier than muscles and the flavor is less intense too.

After scrubbing off the extra sand, I sauteed the small ones (little necks - ok there is one big guy on the right) in garlic oil. Once they popped open, I pulled them out and sprinkled lemon zest over the top. A few squeezes of lemon and a beautiful dinner was born!

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