Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gluten-free help

Friend, and fellow gluten-free feller, Aliza Shapiro is an amazing human and needs our help. As the owner/operator/creator of Truthserum Productions - and performer no less! - Aliza is a local institution. We met through mutual friends in Boston, and once I was diagnosed, we shared a new special bond over gluten-free faux oreos, good/safe places for cheap eats, and discussed doctors and medical care.

Last week, Aliza suffered a brain hemorrhage. The Aliza Brain Trust has been set up to collect at least 10 months of living expenses, to allow Aliza the time to heal, recover and return back to rocking everyone's socks.

If your life has been touched by Aliza, please consider giving whatever you are able. If you have yet to cross paths, I urge you to donate to a fellow gluten-free-er in need.

Please donate at: Aliza Brain Trust

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Better than your average post

I am temporarily in possession of a deep fat frier.

I am thinking churros, maybe fried chicken and something with chocolate.

Share what you would like to see enrobed in 375F oil, photographed, and consumed.