Thursday, July 12, 2012

Michael Ruhlman's gluten education

It is great when anyone is willing to listen and learn more about gluten and celiac disease. It truly is. Information and knowledge is the first step to a lot of things. While I like the intent about Michael Ruhlman's "What I didn't know about gluten" blog post, I found it left me wanting. Part of me was screaming out:

  • not all of us get symptoms in 30 minutes!
  • not all of us feel better after 3 days!
  • it is NOT an inability to digest gluten, it is an autoimmune disease!
  • there are significant long-term side effects of continuing to ingest gluten, even accidentally
  • it is harder because in the US there is no legal definition of "gluten free"
  • it is not JUST food! there is medications, toothpaste (I am staring at you Sensodine), and bath products that are not necessarily properly labeled and are sources of gluten
  • think of the children!

I am serious about the last one. Having a child with an intolerance, autoimmune disease, or allergy is a minefield beyond wishing you could go out to eat and not being able to all the time. 

I am trying to keep my "no one can do everything in one article" hat on, but I am more frustrated with this piece than not. But again, it is a step forward, and Ruhlman has a following and boy oh boy are the comments section of this piece heating up!

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