Thursday, February 6, 2014

This is last time I want to ever see the word "glutard"

Hey humans stop using the word "glutard". It is offensive, crude, and inappropriate.

Still not convinced...
"Glutard" is a co-opting of language. It is glutenizing of the word retard.

The word "retard" or "retarded" has been used to systematically take away the rights, power, agency, and humanity from those with different physical appearances and different perceived capabilities. It is used to exclude people. It is used to hurt people as a synonym for "stupid".

"Glutard" is also incredibly reductionist. I am more than my ability to have an autoimmune reaction to gluten. I am not saying we shouldn't discuss important health issues, we should keep doing this, but there is nothing to be gained by invoking hate speech + gluten.

There are plenty of words to describe not being able to eat gluten without invoking terms that ableist and cruel. Let's prevent this term from "catching on". Let's stop using this word forever. 


  1. EXCELLENT POST! I am sharing this everywhere!

  2. Thanks for sharing and feeling this matters

  3. We only use it if you choose to be gluten free by some strange choice, never if it's a medical thing.

  4. Glutard! LOL! Awesome. Describes my mom perfectly.

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