Monday, June 30, 2008

Bacon Pralines

Four times a year a friend hosts Bacon Club. Its not much of a secret, although directions for and to the event are written in a "fight club" like style, the October 2007 meeting got a write-up in the Boston Globe, A night in hog heaven with the Bacon Club.

Spring 2008 ushered in a new wave of inspiration. Recently back from a trip to New Orleans, I was challenged with coming up with something inspired by my stay in the Big Easy.

There were not a ton of gluten free options, but I did convince the staff at the Napoleon House to make a muffaletta sans bread, and had a great meal at Muriels in Jackson Square, but for the most part, I ate pralines, a lot of pralines.

It seemed like the choice for bacon club was obvious.
Bacon pralines? Yes, bacon pralines!

I modified a standard, creamy praline recipe, subbing out the butter for rendered bacon fat and adding in crisped pieces of bacon with the pecans.

They were one of the top 10 most amazing dishes I have ever made.

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