Thursday, May 13, 2010

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I have talked, blogged, reblogged, facebooked, cajoled, and exclaimed in glee about working on the community cookbook: Cook Food Every Day. So when I was interviewed by the Greater Boston Food Bank for their newsletter I found it really easy to talk about the 50 writers, artists, editors, printers and volunteers that made the book, show and bake sale possible. It wasn't as easy to talk about when I was on the receiving end of a food donation. Part of me wanted to ask that they retract it, but in the end I think it belongs, even if it does make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

I have been very lucky in never knowing what true hunger is; that even when things have been financially difficult I have always had access to food, and a lot of it. But there was a time when several bags of food were anonymously dropped off at our door, the year my dad lost his job just before Thanksgiving. I remember feeling really odd about it. At first I thought it was really nice, but then my parents got really uncomfortable and kept repeating that there were those who were in greater need than we were, and there were tears.

The reason I choose the Greater Boston Food Bank as the recipient of the proceeds of the cookbook is because they keep food within communities by distributing it to existing pantries and shelters. They help make it possible for people to help one another out in their own neighborhoods.

There are about 80 books left if you want to grab a copy and see if we can send another $1000 to the GBFB.

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