Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday NGR

Oh happy birthday No Gluten Required! You are 3!
You are a rambunctious toddler who often throws fits and rages on in rant form. Though you have also accomplished many impressive feats.

NGR is 3, which means I have been sans gluten for 4 years. The internet informs me that:

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Leather
Modern Anniversary Gift: Crystal/Glass
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Luggage
Traditional Anniversary Gift: Flowers
Modern Anniversary Gift: Linen/Silk
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Lingerie, Hawaiian Vacation

So if we are nit-picking here, you should probably just send me to Hawaii. For those traditionalists, you can FabLab-etch some No Gluten Required luggage for the trip. It will be awesome. I promise to post a bit more, eat an unhealthy amount of poi, macacamia nuts and beverages from faux tiki heads.

In all seriousness, thank you to everyone who reads, comments and emails. I felt pretty alone when I was first diagnosed and kind of sick of many of the woe-is-me message boards, though I was grateful for them, especially on bad days. I feel particularly lucky to have access to the internet, online communities and friends and people willing to share recipes, thoughts, tips and ideas for free. Thanks for being awesome, fun, interesting, and being part of a Phil Collins spoof that actually turned into something more.


  1. Happy third/fourth birthday. As a developing GF cook (w/ a celiac spouse) I appreciate the work you do and awareness you bring.
    -Davey C

  2. Oh thank you! Its rad that you care so much about your partner and work to create food that you both can enjoy.