Thursday, August 25, 2011

what is in a name, or a flour mix

Mr. Keller apparently has not been reading my rage as of late. Its cool, I can specialize my dislike for just him. Cup4Cup is the French Laundry papa's new retail market endeavor - a gluten-free flour blend for $19.95 for 3lbs. So let's see, where to start.

1. $6.65lb for ingredients that cost less if you purchase them individually
2. Not organic, local or special in any other than, LET ME SLAP A NAME ON IT AND UP-CHARGE
3. Contains dairy - which sucks if you are at all trying to figure out what your body is reacting to. And it also contains milk powder is nasty (its dried, soured milk. I have running water, refrigeration and am not camping, I desire this about as much as MREs).
4. Is a product that does not do anything "new" and is in no way more useful than any other bs, overpriced, packaged flour mix out there.
5. I firmly do not believe that one flour blend will/can replace all gluten-free substituting needs. Even if this one "could" can we discuss the gross lack of any form of fiber?!

I will continue to mix my own blend of flours, starches and gums, at more reasonable prices, thank you very much.

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