Tuesday, March 19, 2013

call for compassion and rhetoric change

I read, and normally like and agree with, the Triumph Dining blog. They provide clear, concise information about new products, research, etc. On the whole, they get it right.

Today they are guilty, at the very least, of the lack of compassion. We - those who must avoid gluten - are constantly undermined by those who belittle our perceived "choice". When you categorize intense label scrutiny as "neurosis" it is really difficult to not want to give you the middle finger.

For those who react when using skin products containing gluten - it is not "neurotic" to check labels - this is self preservation.

It is time for "us" to change the way we, and others, talk about maintaining our health and safety - because that is what it is. It is not neurotic to not want to be poisoned, it is common sense.

PS - If you are going to reference a study that "some dish soaps use hydrolyzed wheat proteins, and can even trigger reactions if a Celiac eats off that dish washed with “gluten-filled” soap!" cite it. Otherwise your $0.02 isn't really worth anything at all.


  1. How do you know whether there is gluten in soaps, etc? What are the chemical names that should warn me?

  2. Vitamin E is often the culprit because it can be derived from wheat germ. It can also be listed as "tocopherol". Oatmeal can be a problem for some people.