Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the best kind of surprise

Every once in a while there is that moment when I am so full of excitement that I cannot contain it. My eyes widen, my lips curl up, my jaw drops slightly and inevitably my voice goes up an octave as I utter something with childish glee.

Server: "I will be right back. I just had them put some gluten free rolls in the oven for you."
Me stupefied: "REALLY?!"

I was so excited I think I might have actually squeaked.

I was at Legal Seafood in Copley. They have one of the first gluten-free menus that I have come across and a pretty impressive kitchen protocol to ensure things stay gluten-free. I had heard rumors about gluten free croutons, but nothing about rolls - hot fluffy rolls. They arrived at the table warm and with butter, and with the accolades of the server who described them as "like a Bisquick biscuit."

They were better.

Not only did they have a good crumb, it withheld man handling and butter and didn't result in a sand pit at the bottom of the dish. They did have a strong onion flavor, but in a good way. The rest of the meal was ok - calamari with chick pea flour was tender but not cripsy, but the rolls - man, I could eat a million of them.

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