Friday, October 2, 2009

Art & Duckfat in Portland, ME

My friend Dace, of repeat press, had a solo art show at Corduroy in Portland, ME. When there was word of a road trip to check out the opening, I immediately said that there was a need to stop at Duckfat in Portland. This is the place that deep fat fries their french fries. Rules of etiquette demand art first, then greasy fingers.

Corduroy is part surf and part art gallery. I don't surf, I cannot even swim, but the boards they sold were beautiful and made me wish I could be a fish.

So the show had a few different pieces, but the largest was an instillation. He made a cave out of wood and tape:

I went in it.
I also admired his letterpress work.

And then, it was time for food!

Its not the greatest picture, but I was overcome with the fact that I was about to enjoy FRENCH FRIES FRIED IN DUCK FAT! (I got the duck confit salad too!)

Yes, that was Magnetic Poetry on the wall. (It is still fun)
Overall, the fries were too salty, but the condiments were nice. The truffle ketchup far out shined the aioli, but in the best way possible. The salad was ok, nice poached egg on top of mixed greens and a more than generous portion of duck. My fellow diners and I noticed that everyone that came in after us was ordering milkshakes, not fries and we wondered what they knew that we didn't. (The menu sports a $7 Tahitian vanilla bean milkshake - we were too stuffed to even give it a try.)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention...
When I sat down to order and do my little "are the french fries coated or dredged in flour" spiel, the waiter cut me of (in a polite way) and said there is no gluten on the fries or in the fryer.

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