Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog redesign

For all who have been dropping gentle hints like: "A black background doesn't make anyone excited about food," and "oh your blog, the one with your giant red face?!" this is my attempt at a compromise.

(If you are reading this through and RSS, you gotta hop on over to the blog to see what I am talking about.)

For now, I am going to retire my Phil Collins album reference header.


  1. The redesign looks great! It's more inviting and I'm glad you are still able to keep your album cover on there, too!

  2. Thanks Chris! Your blog frightens me so. I am glad you are doing it, but I can only read it during daylight.

  3. I would actually take away the pretty new photo of you as well—simply because it takes up too much vertical space. My brain registers that as "nothing to read here, move on."

  4. I cannot think of an interesting design or logo in place of it. I am open to other ideas.