Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rose's Pancakes

Back in Chicago and the need to gluten free pizza is palpable.

Yesterday's attempts to get some were foiled by traffic. Today's by the "brunch." One must not pout in the face of lack of pizza... one must eat pancakes instead!
Not only were they fluffy, they were served with real maple syrup and a fresh fruit compote. I got to meet Rose herself. Not only a lovely woman, she stopped to talk to a couple who had a family member recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was amazed by not only her patience, but the time she spent with them - after they had technically closed - filling them in on tips and suggestions and explaining cross-contamination. I was really impressed.

(In addition to a large quantity of cookies and a fresh loaf of bread, gluten free pizza crusts were purchased. Pizza will be had!)

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