Monday, November 10, 2008

Chicken nuggets & Swiss chard + Surprise Dessert

Sometimes one must answer the call for some good old fashion comfort food. I felt like chicken tonight. So I picked up some Bell & Evans and doctored up some bbq sauce (Bone Suckin' Sauce is good, but a little too sweet, so I add in some Siracha and apple cider vinegar).

While the chicken cooks, I prepared some swiss chard (on sale!). I caramelized some onions:

Chopped the chard:

And added it to the skillet. (The chard had enough water on it from being washed that there was enough to steam the greens and steams.)

I had to weigh down the greens till the ones on the bottom started to cook, but they all fit in and combined to make a lovely meal.

This was also on sale:

... and it was delicious!!!!!! Ribbons of dark chocolate that break off into thin shards when you dive into grab a nugget of slightly salty cookie dough; this stuff superseded my expectations.

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