Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This is only my second gluten free Thanksgiving, but I have to say that it totally demolished last year's, in terms of awesomeness!

There was way to much food, but all of it was delicious. Besides the turkey, the highlight was the apple pie. The crust was actually flaky!

Here are some stunning shots, I will break down recipes in separate posts.

Drooling may commence, consider this your warning.

Seafood stew with clams, tuna, salmon, crab, leaks, tomatoes, garlic...

Bacon, pecan brussel sprouts.

Millet bread stuffed mushrooms.

Cheesey brussel sprouts and candied squash and sweet potatoes.

Green bean cassarole (made with coconut flour as thickener and topped with crispy shallots fried in butter and chick pea flour); brown rice bread stuffing with apples and chestnuts; & the turkey.

Kale with garlic and lemon.

Pumpkin pie (pecan, butter, sugar crust); apple pie (gf muffin mix & chick pea flour crust); pumpkin pie with cookie crust.

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