Monday, June 1, 2009

Perhaps not all seitan is evil

This recipe is a bit of a mind-bending idea: gluten-free seitan.

Thanks to Danielle for sending it along.


  1. holy crap! This totally solves my can't-get-vital-wheat-gluten-in-Ireland problem! YAY!

  2. Oh wonderful!!
    I am so sorry you still haven't found vwg at any health food or specialty shop yet. I actually miss seitan. There was a little shop (now closed) in Amherst, MA called Amber Waves and they made jap chai with seitan and it was so so good.

  3. I know this is an old post, but I was looking for Gluten Free Seitan and came across your blog in the search.

    I thought you might be interested in another post I found that has some interesting recipes for gf seitan.

    I love your picture at the top!

  4. Oh wow thank you. Those recipes look good and I now want to know where to find dark mushroom soy sauce!

  5. Hey! I LOVE seitan. This is very good to see a gluten free version existents.. it's a very good options for vegetarians that suffer from Celiac :)

  6. Many people don't realize that a common condition of wheat/gluten consumption is sever sinus problems. Take note after eating wheat/gluten that you start sneezing, have a snotty nose or that your face is puffy the next morning like you've been up all night. Also first thing upon waking your nose starts with the mucous and you sneezing. I knew this and when I finally gave it up my severe sinus problems have been practically non existent. The moment I indulge in a cookie, a regular sandwich or whatever my nose kicks into gear. All other starchy grains have no effect on me such as rice. There are tuns of breads now that don't have gluten. So just because your stomach is ok doesn't mean gluten isn't affecting you.