Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wild Willy's

I had heard about Wild Willy's, a chain that offers gluten free buns at their Worcester location, but I wasn't sure if they were worth the drive till I saw this photo and review. Being in the neighborhood, I was pretty insistent that we find this joint and try them for ourselves. Frappes and a raspberry lime rickey started the meal - everyone agreed that the frappes weren't really frappes, more like milk shakes, good but not frappes. The rickey did have fresh limes but went with raspberry syrup rather than the "fresh fruit" that was touted on the menu; it still was delicious and refreshing.

The food arrived, servers knowing where to go by the giant playing cards denoting orders for each table, and I was surprised by the size and fixings. I got the Bubba burger - bacon, cheddar, bbq sauce, pickles and onions on a toasted, buttered gf bun, with a side of fries. The even bigger surprise was the fact that the bun held together through the entire burger eating session! It did have a slightly weird aftertaste, perhaps too much baking powder/soda but it was a distinctly "oh it tastes like gluten free baked goods do sometimes" taste that was not noticeable unless you took just a bite of the bun alone.

Overall it was a great meal. My only regret was not getting a giant pickle; seriously, what was I thinking?!

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