Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cookbook Release Party, Show & Bake Sale!

So I have been working on a side project, and while the entire thing is not gluten-free, there is a big chunk of it that is, so I think its worthy of the space.

I had this wacky idea back in September about creating a community cookbook and, well, its happening! I haven't mentioned it here, but I spent part of my summer working at a gluten-free bakery and after wrapping up that gig and coming back to the wonderful world of office work, I realized that I truly missed making things.

I knew I did not want to go into business. Even if I donned protective gear, working in a traditional bakery once a week seemed like a horrible idea. Even a NASA space suit would still be covered in flour after a shift and wouldn't be the easiest to work in... thought perhaps the self contained hygiene system would be a perk. I digress.

So I realized that I have been asked to coordinate a lot of projects lately and that maybe that is the thing I am "good at." I love food and have thought about cookbooks for a while, but I don't feel like I am ready to pitch one on my own, but thought that coordinating and editing a cookbook might be something I could do.

If you work in publishing, you can start laughing now. I have no idea about how book making works, I just thought I would collect a bunch of recipes, make photocopies and bind them at Kinkos. Luckily many people have been interested in helping put this together, people far more knowledgeable than me. So fingers crossed, in just a few weeks a real book - perfect bind, that means it will be a paperback covered book - will be made and in my hot little hands!

The book will have a special icon for the over 40 gluten free recipes.

Here are the details and the other blog if you want to follow along:

Cook Food Every Day is a community cookbook with over 130 recipes and artwork from 38 contributors. All of the proceeds benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank. The cookbook release party, show and bake sale is going to be at 9pm on Dec. 16th @ PAs Lounge in Somerville. Come out, have snacks, listen to music and check out the book!


  1. Incredible work, Kristina! I would love to order a couple of them. Congratulations on getting this done!

  2. No worries. You can pick them up at the release party on Dec. 16th or I can hold some aside for you. I just figured out PayPal and will be using that through the Cook Food Every Day site so people can buy and ship them that way.

    My knowledge of the interweb's power is reaching scary capacity.