Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seafood, news and more news

I have been a bit absent here. A bunch of things have happened and are happening.
1. I hurt my foot and thus have not been cooking anything delicious or noteworthy.
2. I am packing, slowly and with a hobble.
3. I am moving.
4. I am pretty grateful that I made faux lara bars a few months ago. They will sustain the trip.

I just got off the crutches and felt it important to celebrate with something fried, so yesterday I took a trip out to Essex, MA to Woodman's. Touting a nearly completely gluten-free menu, I purposely skipped breakfast to ready myself. Ordering up the Down River Combo, I was pleasantly surprised at the kitchen staff offering to enter the meal as "gluten-free" in their system and keeping it separate from the other food. It arrive just a few minutes later, hot, crispy and delicious. It was way too much food, even for two people, but it was worth it. I did have a bit of a hankering for onion rings - dredged in a different, gluten-filled batter - so they were off limits. Honestly the scallops stole the show. They were fantastic and I sort of wishes I just got a plate of them.

I don't think the fact that I am leaving New England has really set it, but its there, immanent and looming.  I feel an overwhelming desire for salt water taffy, baked beans, indian pudding, corn chowder; all those warm comforting flavors. I know that Maryland is not that far away, and as I pack up my crockpot I am reassured that come fall, it will be easy to throw together a meal that tastes like home, I just also no that it won't be the same. I never really felt like a Yankee, but perhaps, well at least as far as my stomach is concerned, I am.

In other news:
New research has identified what part of the gluten protein cause an autoimmune reaction in persons with Celiac Disease.
Thanks to Adam for sharing.


  1. Are you going to Baltimore or elesewhere?

  2. A little further south, College Park.