Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BLT salad

This weekend I was in the midst of all the ingredients for a BLT sandwich, minus the bread. Thus, I present to you, the BLT salad.

This is how we do it
-wash and chop lettuce
-chop tomatoes
-very thinly slice red onion, and soak in ice water (removes some of the intensity)
-cook bacon, then rip or chop it
-dressing: 2 parts mayo + 1 part apple cider vinegar + a few grinds of black pepper

Assemble and enjoy.

Possible improvements: sliced avocado, corn chips, gf pita bread


  1. I adore the BLT salad, although I skip the onion. My favorite dressing is a blue cheese bacon dressing - the tangy sharp blue cheese is absolute win with this salad. And yes, every blue cheese tested in study showed no gluten, but if you're worried there are a couple of companies that use molds not cultured on bread/wheat.

  2. Blue cheese is a SOLID blt addition!
    The mold, penicillium roqueforti, is the only blue mold (used for blue cheese making) that is grown on rye bread before its needled into wheels of cheese, which eventually make the blue veins. While test results show no (or less than 20 parts per million) of gluten in finished blue cheese, some people choose to avoid them. A good cheese monger will be able to tell you which mold is used to make the blue cheese you are looking at and you can make the right call.