Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daura - not-so-gluten-free-beer

UPDATE - apparently this is designated as a "low gluten beer" and is NOT gluten-free. Please consider this before you make the decision to consume this beverage.

I tried Daura Estrella Damm last week. The bar has been set pretty low in the gluten-free beer category, so I might be over-selling it.

Pros - It tastes like beer!
Cons - It tastes like crappy beer.

I have to give the company credit for creating a gluten-free beer from barley. Bravo on mastering that science experiment. Sadly, the result tastes a lot like college drinking games. I found it reminiscent of Coors Light or Busch Light. My drinking companion said it tasted like Corona.

Here I am clearly making a personal preference judgement call. I do not like this style of beer. To be fare, it is the MOST beer-like gluten-free beer I have ever had. The carbonation is right, the flavor is light, the hops are slight - but it is beer. So if you enjoy an easy-drinking beer, this might be exactly what you are looking for.


  1. Hi Kristina,

    I appreciate your honesty in your opinion of Daura. At the Association, we do not call Daura a gluten free beer, we call Daura a low gluten beer as tests have shown. There are many, especially in Europe that are fine with a less than 20 ppm test for gluten free. We are not fine with that. For our family (and anyone who is truly Celiac), 1 ppm is 1 too many.

    For those that don't fully understand Celiac, it is an autoimmune disease in which your body attacks the gluten molecule in the small intestine, destroying the small intestine in the process. Even 1 ppm can cause this autoimmune response, even if you don't "feel" sick. Low gluten beer is fine for those that want to take the risk, for us, it is not fine.

    What is your favorite gluten free beer?

  2. Thanks for clarifying. 20ppm vs 0ppm is VERY different. I have written about many gf beers. Right now St. Peter's is still at the top of the list, but I am looking forward to the new DogFishHead gf brew. (You can click on "BEER" on the right and see all the types I have reviewed thus far.)

  3. My test for GF beers often involves having my non-celiac, actively-beer-consuming boyfriend taste them as well. This is the only one he will give a thumbs up to, and now that he is also trying out a GF diet, it's the one he drinks when he needs a beer fix.

    I like New Planet. Have you tried that one?

  4. I find it outrageous that Daura is sold as gluten free in liquor stores. I trusted the sign on the shelf and the clerks assurance. I got violently ill.

  5. I completely agree. We really need REAL gluten-free/gluten labeling laws in the U.S. otherwise people can (and do) claim anything they want. I am sorry you were ill, I hope you are feeling better!