Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am in a book

Several years ago, I contributed to an encyclopedia, and it was recently released. It was one of my first entries into publishing, and it really helped me learn the ropes. At first writing is fun, then it is annoying, then it becomes painful, and one can easily become enraged, depressed, and discover all sorts of new and interesting forms of procrastination. (This cycle may vary, person to person, but I have yet to meet anyone who hasn't been at least mildly afflicted.)

I met Mimi Sheraton, former New York Times food critic, who was asked, "Are there any projects you have given up on?"
 Mimi replied coolly, "yes all of them."

This very simple reply, by a very seasoned* writer, has stuck with me and helped me mentally hurdle obstacles that seemed insurmountable. I sort of mentally carry Mimi around and allow myself to give up on a project - but never allowing myself to delete or burn it - and then come back to it after some time has passed. If I have a deadline, that sometimes means a day or two. Other projects... well let's just say I have a lot more "draft" posts and half-baked* stories than completed ones. But that is also sort of great. Sometimes it's helpful to walk, talk, or write out an idea that needs to get out of the way of my better one.

So while I added less than 1000 words to this book, I am really proud of the research and recipes, as well as the opportunity to be part of a book titled: They Eat That?

As an added bonus Marion Nestle did a little write up about it.

*I still find it hard to edit out puns. I love them!

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