Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Lentil in Watertown

I wasn't so sure at first, but Red Lentil in Watertown came highly recommended as a great place for food that also offers gluten free options.

Its a completely vegetarian restaurant with many vegan options. The menu clearly listed vegan, gluten free and nut containing dishes, with veggie and fruit juices as well as smoothies on the menu. I started off with the beet-potato latkes. They arrived hot, and vibrant - the magenta pancakes were topped with two sauces: a cilantro vinaigrette and an apricot sauce. The cakes were more soft than crispy, but were light and not greasy.

My main was the pistachio and herb encrusted tofu with corn cake and my fellow diner had the millet loaf with local farm seasonal vegetables. The tofu was the hands-down star. Thinly sliced and coated in the vibrant green nuts, it was flavorful and went really well with the sauce and greens on the plate. The corn cake under it was good, and clearly would be excellent with fresh corn. The millet loaf was really tasty when it soaked up the ratatouille, though the bechamel sauce seemed missing.

Overall, they are very light-handed with the salt, but I just dashed some on at the table and it perked everything up.

They were sold out of everything but the carrot cake, so I skipped dessert. All their desserts are always vegan, and they said they usually have one gluten free, but they were surprisingly busy for a Tuesday night.

The food was fun, more composed than I expected from the relaxed atmosphere, but worth the price and I am excited to visit again.

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  1. The Red Lentil is my on my list of gluten free restaurants when I travel to Boston from central Mass. I've always had great meals there!