Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First company in US to label OTC meds gluten-free

If you have ever had to navigate pharmacy isles searching for something that is safe to help make you well, you know what 13 syllable words look like in 7 point font. (Why anyone thinks this is a good idea, especially if you are sick and already out of it, I don't know.) Or you have gone to the counter to get a prescription and you ask the pharmacist if the generic version is also gluten-free and all you get is a shoulder shrug. TOTALLY BOGUS

There are places like: gluten free drug which lists gf meds. This site has saved me time standing in the cold & flu relief isle on hold with customer service, but its still shouldn't be this hard - nor should people have to have access to a cell phone or the internet to be able to be healthy!

Ok, ok, I am done complaining, because Perrigo just announced that in 2010 it will be labeling its over the counter medications that do not contain gluten, "gluten-free"!

Thanks to Gluten-Free Fun for posting this awesome news and info.

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