Monday, December 7, 2009

Gluten Free Food Bank Opened

Dee Valdez in Colorado is doing something rather amazing, she has worked to open a Gluten Free Food Bank.*

A quote from the press release:
About 15 years ago, Valdez remembers talking to a mother with a sick 7 year old who had Celiac Disease. The exasperated mom said she had to choose between feeding her whole family or just feeding her sick daughter the very expensive gluten free food she could find. The distraught mother said, referring to her Celiac daughter, “She’s just going to have to live with diarrhea."

A lot of focus these days has been spent on the heath care debate, whether or not to include a public option (I quite frankly feel that those in congress who have access to health insurance, paid for by their constituents, should have this privilege revoked if they don't support extending the same privilege to the American people, who they represent.)

That aside, food security and accessibility is as big a concern as health care, especially when health an wellness hinge upon being able to access food that doesn't make you sick. It is sad that being able to find and afford safe food is even an issue in this country, but Dee's work is astoundingly wonderful and hopefully fewer people will be put in the situation of placing one or more family member's health at risk because they cannot find or afford food.

*By way of the Triumph Essential Gluten Free Blog.

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  1. Thanks for helping to spread this great news! Dee Valdez is such an inspiration and hopefully this program will take off so that other communities can benefit from the excellent idea.