Monday, May 25, 2009

Uno's Chicago Grill's National Dough Rai$er for Celiac Awareness

I received this email from the American Celiac Foundation and thought its worth passing on.

Starting TODAY and continuing through May 31st, Uno's Chicago Grill is hosting a National Dough Rai$er for Celiac Awareness. Uno is the first national, casual dining chain to launch a Gluten Free Pizza and to offer a Gluten-Free menu. They understand people with celiac disease want to eat out and must have safe options.

Gather your family and friends and celebrate awareness month by visiting your local Uno's Chicago Grill. Why not have your support group meet for a night out!

The National Dough Rai$er is one more way Uno's is supporting the celiac community. Show your appreciation by enjoying one of their gluten free pizzas! Twenty percent of sales generated by participants in this event will go to support the ACDA's efforts to raise awareness and to improve the lives of those with celiac disease.

Be sure to print this voucher ( also at ) and give it to your server. Go to and click on 'locations' to find the nearest restaurant. This is not valid at Pizzeria Uno or Uno Due.

Thank you and Enjoy!

The American Celiac Disease Alliance


  1. Hi Kristina,

    As someone who doesn't do well with gluten but loves pizza, I think it's great that more places are offering gluten free options. I tried Uno's gluten free pizza for the first time last week and enjoyed it. Here's my in depth review of it.

  2. Vin - I agree it needs more sauce but too am excited about more options!