Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Ideas

So in the past two weeks at least 4 people have mentioned visiting this blog. (Normally this calls for an exclamation point, maybe even two, but hold on for just a moment.)
It has come to my attention that the nod to Phil Collins' 1985 Grammy Award Winning No Jacket Required is not being picked up by visitors, rather "oh I have seen your blog, its the one with the, uh, giant scary head, right?" is the general response and vibe.

So perhaps the time has come for a bit of a redesign. (This is me reluctantly getting "it")

I am open to suggestions. What would you rather see than my "giant orange face"?


  1. Ah! Is Phil Collins the visual reference of the head? I was worried you didn't like your hair or something.

    As a local reader, I would personally appreciate some sort of local flavor in the banner or other design. You know, like a picture taken from the outside of the big window in Kick Ass Cupcakes or something. Ok, not the most creative idea. I will read your blog no matter what it looks like!!

  2. I think my hair is ok, it was just an attempt to be punny. Oh well.

    I do like your idea for a local touch - I just don't really love Kick Ass Cupcakes. I think their frosting is good, but the gluten free cake was off-tasting.

    But I like where you are going with this... but as a "heads up" the blog, and this giant head, are going to be a bit more mobile in the near future. More to come.