Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fish & Chips

I have been eyeing Whole Foods new gluten free breaded fish products. I have become a stickler for waiting for new things to go on sale and this past weekend they finally did, so I thought I would give it a try.

The last time I had fish and chips was over two years ago at the Druid in Cambridge, MA. Hands down, it was some of the best I had ever had. My taste memory set the bar high, but its a frozen, packaged fish food... I am not going to get ahead of myself.

While the oven warmed, I sliced one potato, coated it in olive oil and kosher salt and spread it on the outside of a baking sheet. When the oven hit the required 450F, I added the fish pieces to the middle and baked for 13-15 minutes, per directions, turning halfway through.

I made a quick sauce of mayonnaise, lemon juice and ground white pepper. I like tartar sauce, but found myself without pickles and didn't miss them too much.
(Yes that is ketchup in the background, I like it on my fries, I can admit it.)

Overall, the fish was good - a bit more strongly flavored than most cod I have had, but not in an unpleasant way - and the batter was crunchy and stayed put; it did not flake off or separate from the fish. It was a little greasy and more salty than I expected, but not overly seasoned. I was glad I had extra lemon on the side.
I would try the Haddock or Halibut option if either were on sale as well.


  1. I just tried those yesterday and they were really yummy!

  2. I was really surprised at how well they turned out.