Thursday, April 30, 2009

Support H.Con.Res.110!

I know that with swine flu in the air, non-communicable diseases aren't really at the forefront of anyone's mind, especially law makers. Hopefully, the need for adequate health care for all and paid sick days will become national issues - if your neighbor is sick and cannot afford to go to the doctor or stay home, that is your issue too.

If you, friend or loved one has had to battle with insurance or doctors to get properly diagnosed, or even find safe food to eat, you know how importance awareness is, and how it effects access to services. That is why I urge you to support H.Con.Res.110. This bill is proposing recognition, education and funding for celiac disease.

The American Celiac Awareness Alliance has made it easy to contact your House Rep. by filling out this form. It will email your rep asking for them to support H.Con.Res. 110: Supporting the goals and ideals of National Celiac Awareness Month, and for other purposes
You can also go to the House of Representatives website and type in your zip code (upper left) and it will let you know who your Rep is.

On average it takes 7 years in the US for adults to be properly diagnosed with celiac disease. This is too long for people to be in pain. It is costing far too much money in dealing with the complications from untreated celiac disease.

Ok, I am stepping off my soapbox and going back to pondering how to make fluffier gluten free pancakes - I am thinking folding in whipped egg whites might be the key.

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