Saturday, April 4, 2009

Zing Pizza

A friend of mine is working on a molecular gastronomy project. He asked if I was interested in playing with chemicals, Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride specificly, and I enthusiastically said yes.

In the midst of preparing the fruit for the attempt at making "caviar" we realized dinner was in order, and order we did. I had heard good things about Zing Pizza and Roti, and although I fell in love with the gluten free crust at Stone Hearth Pizza, just a few blocks down, I am an equal opportunity pizza consumer.

We tried the Blue October (with feta instead of blue cheese) and a Zorba the Greek, both on gluten-free crusts. Arriving in extra long boxes, the pizzas were not cut into the usual Zing triangles, instead were portioned out in Sicilian style rectangles.

The Blue October was the clear winner, but half of us agreed that the gluten-free crust was good (it has both crunch and a toothsome chew!) but needed some salt.
I am so thoroughly excited to have 2 delicious pizza options very close by!


  1. Looking at those photos, it's definite that Zing makes the gf pizzas smaller than the usual ones. Drat.

  2. Honestly, that is pretty much standard. They didn't charge extra for the alternative crust, so I assumed it would be smaller because they are buying it from someone else (not making it in-house) and the ingredients cost more.
    I am glad we got two, and that I have a piece left over for dinner tonight!