Friday, February 19, 2010

Bob's Red Mill ownership changes hands

Avoiding gluten means becoming very well acquainted with Bob's Red Mill products. Safe: yes, cheap: no; but they are readily available and there is no roll of the roulette wheel with purchasing millet flour in bulk bins right next to the semolina - where one of the scoops is missing. Seriously, lets invoke a little Nancy Regan and just say no. From sorghum to teff, Bob's Red Mill products are clearly labeled, tested and are consistently great.

I casually refer to Bob, as if he is friend; he is in my house more often than I am, lining my pantry shelves and beckoning me to try out a new recipe. (Bob Bittner of WJIB 740AM radio receives similar treatment within the confines of the kitchen. The first name basis and quality of products makes me think that these two Bobs would not only get along, but would be fabulous dinner guests.)

The Bob of Bob's Red Mill just turned 81 and company that makes so many gluten free (and gluten-filled) products is now getting turned over to the employees. This type of business practice is incredibly rare and awesome.

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