Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Website to find a safe place to eat

So the name leaves me wanting, but maybe this site will still smell as sweet.  Allergy Eats was just launched and it allows you to search for a restaurant that can accommodate food allergies/intolerance by location. Hopefully as it gets up and running it will become more useful. Links to the restaurant's websites, menus and more reviews would all be helpful. Right now its hard to understand how/why these restaurants are listed because this info is missing. I am excited to see where this goes in the next few months and will probably use it when traveling.

Found via PR Newswire


  1. I had a similar reaction - it has promise, but right now, it's just a list of restaurants that might or might not be accommodating. The allergen checkboxes on the search form don't seem to do anything yet.

  2. The site will become exponentially more useful as users rate restaurants (today was Day 1). Search results will then be ordered by allergy-friendliness, making it much easier to find somewhere to dine. The info in the right column of the search results adds a lot of value of the site, but the greatest value will come from having a critical mass of users and reviews.

    The checkboxes will only affect search results again when a critical mass of ratings begins to emerge. That said, the specific allergies aren't necessarily important. As the FAQ says, the ratings are really designed to communicate how well a restaurant can handle ANY food allergy or intolerance, regardless of what type of food they serve or what specifically is on the menu.

    I urge you to rate at least a handful of restaurants. Each rating will increase the value of the site exponentially. But as the site states when you first hit Search, the ratings won't all emerge overnight, so please be patient.

    ...and yes, I am the founder! :) Feel free to email me at Despite a successful soft launch, this type of feedback is important to me so I can be sure that I'm not setting expectations incorrectly. I thank you for visiting the site and posting an entry here. I hope you won't give up on its potential. There are important milestones coming up that should drive many users and many ratings. Meanwhile, peruse it a little more if you have a chance -- there's still a lot of value in there.

    Thank you, Paul