Friday, November 19, 2010

Locavore Day 4

My grand plan of photographing and posting about everything I am eating has gone by the wayside. There are several reasons for it, but lets just hold on to the fact that "constraints" have messed with my goals.

Tuesday night I made some cornbread: 2 cups local cornmeal, 2 farm eggs, water, oil (freebie) and salt (freebie). I started it in a hot cast iron skillet, finished it in the oven. It turned out pretty well.
I am a northerner, so I did miss the sugar.

Since then I have been eating pretty much left overs: cauliflower and potato curry, collards, some of the chicken, some of the chicken stock, apple chutney. That has been my world. I have augmented it with some local cheese I found at the whole foods, and some congee I made with some of the rice. I had soup on Tuesday night - broth, collards, rice and chicken. Breakfast has mainly been the cornbread and chutney - which I finished this morning.

A few coffee shops have local milk, so that has added a new zest to my routine. (I normally avoid milk, but without almond or coconut milk I realized I don't like cheap coffee black.)

Realizations - I eat a lot more sugar than I was aware of.
Cravings - hummus, almonds, popcorn, toast, tea, sugar in coffee, BUTTER, potato chips (though I did have a few made with local potatoes, and it was great)

Overall, I find myself angry.
-I am frustrated that the refrigerator in the graduate lounge is disgusting and not useable for my lunch.
-I found myself eying a croissant with loathing and desire. Its something I haven't done in a long time. Its bringing back the feelings of first going gluten free. Seeing so many things that I cannot eat.

-I also realized that I overbought on certain things. I am used to shopping for two, and I feel that I could have better spent some money, but the week is not over.

For the record - I am eating aloo gobi and chicken and some coffee

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