Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Summer in a jar - Canning Tomtatoes

I made a giant mess, and it was awesome.

I haven't done jarring or canning in a while, it might actually be a few years since I attempted the Mr. Wizard science experiment of creating vacuums to preserve foods. I have done myer lemon curd, tomato sauce and maybe one other thing - mostly as holiday presents. Its amazing how people oooh and ahhh over a ball jar filled with simple food tied off with a ribbon.

So I have been eying the tomatoes at the farmers market for a while now. I have seen prices pretty much stay the same. I have also noticed that if you go towards the end of the market time, one can get a better deal. (Who honestly wants to pack up more than they need to to go home?)
So I have been plotting and scheming and two or three weeks ago I struck. I waited till 1:40 and went in. I asked what the price would be if I wanted to get "a lot of tomatoes." The gentleman said that normally there is a price break where a box is $40, but its the end of the day and he will give it to me for $20. (I did the math, if I paid the listed per pound price, the box of tomatoes would have set me back $60).

I came home the the idea of making stewed tomatoes, but they were really watery, so I changed the game plan and these ended up being pureed tomatoes, with the help of a strainer turned food mill.

I had a little left over, not enough to can... hopefully it will be pasta sauce later this week. I used a few of the extra tomatoes to make some sopes (recipe on the side of the bag of masa harina).  Sides were leftover carnitas from taco night, purple cabbage, greens and some white rice. It was a well earned feast after several hours in the kitchen.

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