Thursday, November 11, 2010

Locavore Challenge

I have been keeping a lot of my "school life" pretty separate from this space. I am not sure if that has been super intentional, or the fact that 1000+ pages of reading a week has kept my time and mental space for writing about food to a minimum. This is my attempt to merge the two.

Next week, I am participating in a class project, a locavore challenge.

November 16 - 23
Eat only items grown/produced within 100 miles of College Park, MD
4 personal, food "exceptions" are allowed
I believe mine are going to be:
1. coffee (seriously do you think this was even a thing that could be negotiated?)
2. spices (oh yes, this is a giant, all encompassing thing and it is approved)
3. ?
4. ?

I am going to photo-document everything I eat and blog it, right here on NGR. I will do my best to post every recipe, craving and I promise to be honest about if I cheat. Right now I am realizing that I rely a lot of almonds as a quick, simple snack food that is pretty energy-dense. I can foresee this as being a problem (or maybe almonds are going to be my freebee #3)

I am also sort of wondering about starches. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are all over the farmers markets, but I sort of wondering if I am going to be missing rice, gf bread, beans, rice noodles, or something else.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions, recommendations?!

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