Monday, November 15, 2010

Locavore Challenge - Prep

Here is my non-local last supper, pre-challenge:

Homemade baked beans and a German weiner, whole grain mustard on the side.

I enjoy eating, I enjoy cooking, I am not enjoying this adventure.
It hasn't started yet. 
Yes, I know, but it has.

Sunday was the farmers market in Takoma Park.
$2.50 on 2.5lbs of chicken backs (they were out of stew hens and everything else was too pricey)
$13 on a half bushel of apples
$4.50 on a dozen eggs
$7.50 on potatoes and onions
$13.50 for collards, kale, sweet potatoes and one of the largest heads of cauliflower I have ever seen

Even before this weekend, I have been planning, scheming and thinking about ways to cut corners and costs. Buy in bulk; swap meals; think creatively about my 4 "freebies"... this has been a process.

So tonight I sit here realizing I have made a quick dinner and need to read, grade papers, watch a movie, fold laundry, shower, and make food for tomorrow. Yes, this is me bitching. This is me realizing I need to figure out what my last freebie is (coffee, spices, cooking oil are the 3) and get crackin.

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  1. I'm really enjoying the way you arranged those pieces of sausage.