Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Locavore Challenge - Day 1 Breakfast

Breakfast - black coffee; sweet potato, potato, salt, garlic powder and a scrambled egg

I don't normally eat many eggs because they make me feel sick, but these eggs were small and I thought I would give them a try.

I forgot about sugar and tea.
I also found the crock pot overflowed and most of the chicken fat was all over the counter. I was really looking forward to using that chicken fat. Grrrr.
Partner in crime assisted in pulling out the chicken, throwing the meat back in to let it simmer for the remainder of the day.

I packed up lunch and snacks and I feel pretty good about having enough noms for school. 
I arrived on campus, and the fridge in the grad lounge is foul, foul squared.
This is the place I hope to house my dinner. I am thinking it will last 4 hour sans refrigeration, but I am none too happy. I usually bring frozen food to school, so it thaws in my backpack and I don't worry about refrigeration. I might freeze the rest of my packed meals to avoid the nastiness that is inside that white box.
I ended up eating during class, which is not my favorite thing, but the food was good.