Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Pizza at Uno's

I like pizza. More than like it, I love it and I miss pizza, a lot.

I am not ashamed to say that back before my gluten free days I used to eat pizza at least once a week. Thin crust and Sicilian style being two of my favorites. I like the convenience of being able to grab a slice and go; its cheap, quick, good hot, reheated or cold. Pizza is amazing.

Yesterday, a friend clued me in to the fact that his sister got gluten free pizza from Uno's in New Hampshire. Perplexed and excited I started to do some investigating. I discovered that not all of the Uno's serve gluten free pizza, so you need to call a specific restaurant and check to see if they carry the gluten free crusts. In addition, they also have a list on their website of Gluten free items at Uno's.

I lucked out, because the Uno's near me does offer gluten free pizza (cheese and pepperoni), a true birthday surprise! I went there for dinner and on the actual day of my birth, I got to eat pizza!

I tried both options; the pepperoni was better than the cheese, but I think this is because the crust tasted a little bit freezer burnt and the strength of the pepperoni overpowered the slightly off-taste. The edge of the crust was crisp, but the middle soon became soggy and started to fall apart. (If the pie had been on hot pan not a room-temp plate it might have stayed crisp a bit longer, but perhaps not.) It would have been smart to transition to a fork and knife, but I was determined to enjoy pizza sans cutlery and just folded the slice up on itself, forming a pizza roll-up. It was good.

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