Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Green's Endeavour

I did not realize that Green's offered more than one selection. I was pleasantly surprised to see this at the store:
Endeavour is very different beer from Discovery, the only other Green's I have come across. Their website offers 8 different varieties, of which I hope more will be available in the States really soon.

Nose: cherry and coffee (reminded me of a coffee porter)

Taste: dark chocolate color that requires a slow pour. sweeter than I expected, cherry-ameretto, a hint of chocolate/coffee

Texture: small, light carbonation, it felt like the bubbles were really small and perhaps there was not enough

The finish was light, and not sour like most gluten free beers, but oddly fleeting. Looking at in the glass, I expected more of a finish and more of an aftertaste for a heavier beer.

Sediment at the bottom, so don't pour all of it into the glass

It is not an every day drinking beer, but is good and would pair well with something salty and I will definitely be drinking it again.

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