Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glutenous Sticky Rice

Glutenous rice was an oxymoron that scared me when I was first trying to navigate the gluten free diet. Rice is ok, gluten is not... what is this stuff?!

Glutenous rice or sticky rice falls into the confusing but deliciously edible category of gluten free foods. The "glutenous" moniker come from the fact that there is much more loose starch, which sticks together, on the surface of the rice.

Coconut sticky rice is one of my all time favorite desserts when served with ripe mango. I assumed it was just simply rice cooked with coconut milk and sugar, its sadly a bit more involved than that. Most websites that house recipes recommend soaking the rice overnight in water then steaming it, wrapped in muslin or cheesecloth if you don't have a rice steam - NOT the same as a rice cooker. Not having a steamer or any cheesecloth, I attempted this recipe with a clean dishtowel. The rice did not cook evenly and so it soaked up all of the coconut sauce and wasn't really sticky.

I am going to look into alternative steaming methods because I really really love coconut sticky rice. I seem to always get a craving for it when Lost is on tv.

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