Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tamale Tuesday at Picante

Picante in Central Square in Cambridge has tamales on Tuesday. I missed out last week's special with pumpkin seeds, but headed over to check out this week's offerings.

Today was pork or mixed veggies. I lucked out and snagged the last pork tamale, which cames with black beans, a side salad and some fried tortilla chips. The tamale itself was covered in a mild red sauce, not a mole. (I am not the biggest fan of mole. I have only had it a few times and cannot quite get past the star anise, but I am willing to conduct a more scientific comparison.)

The tamale itself was soft, almost creamy. The pork it encapsulated was well seasoned, but a little dry. The black beans and salad were simple, welcomed additions. The sauce and salsa bar offered a variety of house-made options for personalizing one's dish. For $5.75 I really cannot complain. And I am looking forward to whatever happens to be the special next Tuesday.

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