Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cadbury Candy

I have to thank a friend for this. Its a little early for Easter, but this old Cadbury commercial is necessary:

YouTube Video

Psssst, Easter Bunny. Check this out too:
Gluten Free list of Cadbury products (non-USA list*)

*In the USA, while Hershey's does not technically own Cadbury, they license and distribute their products. There seems to be a lot of confusion over what Hershey's will and will not disclose about their product ingredients. Some lists say some products are ok, other lists contradict those. SIZE MATTERS! Miniatures and seasonal products can and often do contain different ingredients. Always read labels and double check.

In the mean time, while I feel that this old Cadbury commercial his hysterical, I will not be buying Cadbury or Hershey's products in the near future.
Instead, I am going to send a letter requesting full disclosure of ingredients to:

David J. West
COO of Hershey Incorporated
100 Crystal A Drive
Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033

Hershey's "contact us" number: 800.468.1714

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