Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glutenous Minimus

I heard a rumor that Porter Square Books is now carrying Glutenous Minimus products now. I headed over today to check it out. They had two options: a peanut butter chocolate chip cookies & carrot cake muffins, both offerings individually wrapped - a nice bit of added insurance against cross contamination.

The carrot cake muffin was devoid of the usual nuts and raisins, and was lacking something. The texture was ok - but being wrapped in cellophane might have been part of the problem.
The peanut butter chocolate chip cookie however, was amazing. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that it was hands-down the best gluten free cookie I have had.

The cafe staff said that they get other flavors in, sometimes double chocolate and a molasses chew. The bookstore is right around the corner from Zings Pizza - that offers a gluten free crust, made by Gluentous Minimus, so I will definitely be back.


  1. Thanks for the tip...I'm in that shopping center pretty frequently (usually at Cambridge Naturals), but didn't realize I was missing out on good GF cookies. Must stop in soon.

  2. I believe its a new thing. I went back and tried the pumpkin muffin, molasses cookie and toffee cookie.

    The muffin was ok - it tasted like something was missing, maybe more salt? Molasses cookie was solid, but the toffee cookie was FANTASTIC.