Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New challenges

I have been rather uncharacteristically silent on this front and I thought it was about time to fess up. A lot of things have been going on, most of them really fantastic things (teaching, contributing to a book, selling more of the cookbook and thinking about new projects). I have also been feeling rather cruddy, you know that ugh, sluggish, I-am-tired-all-the-time-and-don't-know-why feeling that comes around when one is glutened, but its not gluten. So what gives?

I really have no idea, but after my corn-themed birthday party extravaganza I really felt like crap. I was wheezing, like when I was wee and had asthma, coughing and completely stuffed up and the lymph nodes on my neck were the size of pecans. So I am going to journey down a path that makes me sad, but realistically I think its time to reevaluated dairy and corn.

These were the delicious toffee almond crowns made by Steve Gisselbrecht for my birthday party. He swapped out the wheat flour for corn/arepa flour and they were amazingly good!

I am hoping that this is a quantity thing... sort of like other weird food things (when I eat pineapple or eggplant, half the time my gums swell up and itch, the other half the time its fine. I have been allergy tested for both and I am not allergic, just sort of sensitive).

In the past, I have noticed that if I don't eat dairy, I am less phlegmy and my tonsil stones disappear. Corn is something I hadn't really paid attention to, but inadvertently I had pretty much stopped eating most corn when I initially went gluten free. More recently I have been using corn starch a lot more, because swapping it out for some rice flour makes a less gritty product.

Part of me wants to stomp my foot and say, "THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I have already given up gluten and most soy, I should be able to eat whatever else is in my wake!!" And while that does sound like a reasonable battle-cry, its also stupid because I am the only one who is going to suffer if I feel like crap all day for eating something I feel entitled to eat.

So the plan of attack:
-limit corn intake
-eliminate/limit dairy intake

Things that are rad and helpful in this process:
So Delicious's Coconut Milk Creamer (for coffee, to get the day started)

In other news...
I made the best bread I have ever made ever! It had an amazing crumb, didn't fall or fall apart and tasted so so so good and REAL! I did it very haphazardly in the kitchen, sans notebook and I have no idea what quantities of anything went into it. Please see this week's themed project: TAKE BACK THE BREAD

Ingredients: honey, yeast, water, molasses, millet flour, almond meal, brown rice flour, potato starch, xanthan gum, psyllium husk, salt, egg, canola oil

I am actually pretty excited about this project.



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  2. psyllium husk fiber can be helpful to some, but many find it causes gas and bloating - something many people are trying to get rid of. I am bigger fan of flax seed meal, but that's just me.