Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have been posting a lot of news items as of late, and while they are fun in their own sort of way, I realized that one of my favorite times of day is when I scroll through my RSS feed of food blogs for updates. My favorite are the posts riddled with food porn that makes me want to run home and try out a recipe, ok tinker with said recipe and see how it turns out.

Food blogs (non-discriminating against the gluten kind)

La Tartine Gourmande - this straddles the line because many of her recipes are gluten free, she even has a gluten free section! She has also been one of the rare few who has been able to not turn her amazing food blog into a mommy blog post delivery.

Smitten Kitchen - its just great all around, really approachable

Simple Recipes - the name says it all, they just happen to do it with great photography as well

The Pioneer Woman - there is a reason so many people like her! She breaks down the recipes into small steps and photographs each one of them, it rules.

David Lebovitz - yes, the man knows his ice cream, but his posts are also fun and sometimes savory

Bitten - I cannot hate him forever for not including Indian Pudding in his big book

$5 Dinners - for a while, one of her kids had to eat gluten free, so there are a ton of cheap recipe ideas

Nose To Tail At Home - Game, offal, weird cuts and using the whole beast cooking

Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook - yeah, it rules

This is Why I am Always Broke
- great for cheap eats in Boston

Boston Locavores - new blog devoted to keeping it local in the 617

The Food Money - for Boston-based food stuff

Cake Wrecks - I did a very small stint as a professional cake decorator, this brings me endless joy

Gluten free blogs

Book of Yum - reviews and recipes

Celiac Chicks - its turned into a NYC guide to restuarants and events that are gluten-free, but their older posts have some great recipes too

Elana's Pantry - this woman loves almonds, so I think we could be friends for life

Gluten A Go Go - uses the most interesting combinations of flours I have seen

Gluten Free Food Reviews - mostly packaged items

Gluten Free Gobsmacked - recipes and product reviews

Gluten Free Mommy - not too fussy, but often interesting combinations

Gluten-Free Fun - the best source for gluten-free items in the news, events and happenings

Gluten-Free Girl - did not love the book, do like the blog, though its dairy heavy

Glutenus Minimus After Dark - this is the woman behind the amazing gluten free pizza dough at Zing Pizza and the amazing cookies at the Porter Square Book Cafe

Hey, That Tastes Good! - I still want to make the sauerkraut latkes!

Gluten Free Goddess - tons of veg and vegan recipes

A Life of Sugar and Spice - new to me, but a great sense of honesty and playfulness

The Essential Gluten Free Blog - this is run by Triumph, the dining card people, great for news and packaging information

What other awesome blogs am I missing? (Consider it your birthday present to me.)


  1. Thanks a heap for your kind words! As it happens, I work a lot with gluten-free flours -- chestnut, chickpea and most recently acorn flour. Made a full-on acorn flour honey cake the other day that was damn tasty -- and acorns are free, to boot...

  2. I just found acorn flour at the Korean market near me and I thought of your acorn cake immediately!