Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Pantry

I moved into my new apartment in the middle of September, but finding a home for everything is an ongoing process. The only cupboard in the entire place is a built in china cabinet of sorts, with all the shelves pitched forward. I lined them all with no-slip grip contact paper (the kind that has holes in it and looks like waffles) so that the glasses wouldn't come flying out each time it was opened. The bottom shelf became the perfect locations for the spices:

They go three rows back... I like spices.

The pantry area however, has been a disaster. In cleaning things out, I found half used zip-locked bags of sweet rice flour, 3 of them. Not to mention other "interesting" purchases that got buried. A trip to the dollar store and $20, I came home with flip-top containers and a resolve to create order. Here it is, the overly-labeled new pantry:

Bookshelf got co-opted into being a cup/mug/bowl/pot stand and I came home the other day to a new, larger set of hooks, the new home of the pans:

I added to my collection of Ball jars for flours, but rearranged them to work better for the quantities I now buy.

Sweet rice flour and millet flour were upgraded to plastic, flip-top containers:

I had enough to take care of cereals, nuts, dried fruits and other snacks as well.

I had totally forgotten that I had a bag of cream of rice and coconut flour in the house. I am excited about using these and hopefully baking more in the new year.

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