Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A pill, a shot or a hookworm?!

Here is an LA Times story that highlights three ideas aimed at dealing with managing celiac disease: "New hope for Celiac suffers?"

"The results have not been published, but when the Phase II trial was over and the patients were offered a medication that would kill the parasites, they all opted to keep their hookworms."

Random aside:
Back in September, my friend Mike sent me this little blurb: Parasites are facinating
A google reader chat ensued and I was actually thinking... hmmm could this be worth trying to do? Let's be honest, I was working in a bakery when I was diagnosed and yes, I keep a this-is-what-I-would-eat-immediately-if-I-could-eat-gluten-again running mental list. (Maybe its not healthy, and I try to stay pretty positive here, but honesty is important too. I have dreams of B&R baguettes and I cannot hide it.)

The $3000 price tag deterred me, oh well that and the idea of inviting a parasite into my body, to chill, eat my food and whatnot, but now I am thinking about this again.


  1. I am not ready to rule out the plan of sticking a worm in my tummy to do what my body can't, but I will wait for a lot of others to test it first.

  2. Well its in the second stage of trials, so... I am more inclined. Hookworms cannot multiply in the human digestive tract, and die off after 4-5 years. So the risk is relatively low, but yeah, we are not a culture that is hip with worms.

    That said, I would totally do this, name it and daily talk to my hookworm. I would ask it what it wanted to eat, it would reply GLUTEN, and there would be feasting!

  3. Here is another article on the same research: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/lifestyle/the-other-side/worming-a-way-out-of-coeliac-disease-using-hook-worms-is-dr-james-davesons-mission/story-e6frfhk6-1225789785047

  4. Here is another article with a link to a person who is selling both hook and whipworms: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/discoblog/2009/07/22/are-hookworms-the-next-claritin/